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Test 1:  Error checking:

This test is comprised of 5 questions. You will have 20 seconds to answer each question.

For each section you will be presented with a set of data and asked to identify the correct corresponding figures from the options provided. Throughout the sections the data will be presented either in numerical, alphabetical or alpha-numerical form and may be case sensitive.

In some cases you will be asked to identify the data that differs from that provided in the question passage, again from the multiple options provided.

You will have to work quickly and accurately to perform well in this test. Please give the test your full concentration and try to remain calm and focused.

When you are ready, begin the test by

  • Click on this link
  • clicking ‘Start.’
  • Once you finish, please enter your email address at the end of page to receive your result. where the it is marked in black.
  • Check your email, you will receive a result from

Test 2

1 Go to

2 Login by entering user name and password.

  • User name:
  • Password:
  1. Click on top left home icon. You will see an excel sheet called test questions. Xls.

4 Click open test questions excel sheet . You will see 3 columns in colour of red/ID, purple/start date and green/status.

Task 1: Find the following six IDs:


How to find those ID numbers?

  • Press ctrl+F and then input one number each time and click Repeat this to find the next number.

Task 2: Tell me the start date and status of those IDs

Once you have find those numbers, please tell me for each number what is the

1)start date (in purple colour) and

2) status in (green colour)

3) Please tell me which ID show in status column as rejected.

 Your answers: Please email me your answers as soon as you finish it.

  • 39772-Start date: Status:
  • 39866 -Start date: Status:
  • 39946- Start date: Status:
  • 40052 -Start date: Status:
  • 10219: -Start date: Status:
  • 39817: -Start date: Status:
  • Which ID(s) shows/show as rejected:

Test 3:

  • Click on link here.
  • You will see Question 1 of 14. Read the statement: I push myself …and move the bar to disagree or agree.
  • When you finish it, click on next to go to the next question.
  • When you finish 14 questions, sending me your result sheet by email . Please see below a result should look like this.


Test 4:

  • Click on link here.
  • When you finish 12 questions, sending me your result sheet by email .

Test 5:

  • Click on link here.
  • When you finish 25 questions, sending me your result sheet by email .