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Andrew Cuomo能源高速公路战略的实施导致纽约州消费者每月账单的费用上涨。


  • Ratepayers in New York have begun to see increases in their monthly bills, as the impact of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Energy Highway strategy starts to take hold.
  • 政府开始正式实施Andrew Cuomo能源高速公路战略, 纽约州消费者发现每月账单费用开始上涨。
  • Cuomo’s plan included 13 actions designed to provide up to 3,200 megawatts of new generation and transmission capacity. One of those actions focused on improving and replacing older transmission infrastructure. Beginning in June, customers started to see charges on their monthly bills related to that portion of the plan.
  • 这一计划包括13个行动方案,目的是增加3200 megawatt的能源再生和运输能力。从今年6月开始,消费者的账单已经开始包括了这个计划的费用, 因此账单费用比以前有增加。